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Factory Test and QC Facility
Factory, Test and QC Facility

About Rittch Ltd

Nowadays LED Lighting is widely used in domestic, commercial and public buildings and we work hard to create best led lighting with lowest possible prices and to offer best installation and maintenance services to all private and corporate clients.

Rittch Ltd own LED Lighting business that involve: Design (Rittch LED), Engineering (Rittch LED), Custom Engineering, R&D, Manufacture, OEM, ODM, Installation, and Servicing of LED Lighting, Emergency LED Lighting, Emergency LED Exit Signs, LED Lighting products and LED Lighting components.

Working in the electrical, electronics and lighting industry, Rittch Ltd engineering team, managed many projects during 18 years period of time and gained experience and sufficient knowledge that allow us to show attitude in managing and completing LED Lighting project that involve design, engineering, developing, assembling, packaging, installation, servicing and maintenance of LED Lighting.

IF you require CUSTOME LED lighting design and engineering we are able to provide complete CAD drawing also complete visual representation of the constructed model in 3D drawing. All LED Lighting projects include complete calculations and cost estimate.

If you have any specific requirement about design and engineering of any type LED Light please do not hesitate to contact us as we will provide as best possible service as we can.

Before installation of any type LED Lighting we provide consultation, demonstration and testing of samples at your property also offer you best possible choice LED lighting design, power, luminous flux and LED Lighting color (warm white 2300K - 3500K, day light 4000K - 5500K, cool white 6000K - 7500K, RGB-Red, Green, Blue and multicolor)


In addition to our LED Lighting business Rittch Ltd. expanded its international operations, import, trade and online sales as successfully established online shop for sale of LED Lighting, Fashion and Silver Jewellery also Various Products for Home, Office and Garden.

Innovation, design and customer friendly products also lowest possible prices are priority. To keep the Quality at highest level and to guarantee after sale support it is important sourcing also selecting the correct Quality product and establish long term cooperation with proven domestic and international suppliers.

Rittch Ltd focus on INNOVATION, QUALITY, STYLE. In achieving all, we understand importance of providing excessive customer service and technical support. Our aim is to respond to your requests made via email or direct call as quickly as possible.

Our target for technical questions and sales made over the phone - Immediate response. For requests regarding products, sales, delivery, returns also technical made via email - Within 1 working day. Shipping of most products - within 1 working day. All Products are QC and LED Lighting also tested for functionality before shipping.

All purchases you make, transactions and card payments are managed by Pay Pal and securely processed on Pay Pal web site.



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