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In 2008 Rittch Ltd began designing "Rittch LED" LED Lighting. First designed and engineered spotlight was made using High Power LED's at total power 3W with lighting colour 3000K and 6500K. The beam angle we choose was 45 degree and lamp bases GU10 at 240V, GU5.3 at 12V. Our small project was successful but the total cost of the manufactured LED lamp very high.

Our first experience helped us understand importance to manage and combine:

  • the design of the LED lamp

  • the functionality of the LED lamp

  • the reliability of the LED lamp

  • the lighting quality of the LED's and LED lamp after assembling

  • the lighting brightness and lighting color of the LED's and LED lamp after assembling

  • the life of the LED's and LED driver and overall life of the lamp

  • the cost of the LED lamp

Rittch Ltd design, engineer and custom design different type LED lighting generally separated into 2 groups:

  • Indoor LED lighting - LED spotlights, LED bulb and candle lights, LED down lights, LED tube lights T5 T8 T10, LED ceiling lights, decorative LED lights, LED panel lights, LED grid office lights, LED emergency lights, LED emergency exit signs, LED track lights and LED bar

  • Outdoor LED lighting - LED wall lights, LED garden, landscape lights, LED in ground lights, LED emergency battery back up lights, LED advertising lights and LED street lights

In addition we also focus on LED Retrofit simply by engineering and modifying quality, old type, traditional Lamp Fitting and Fire Rated Downlights.

In fact such an, we may say, retrofit or mastering of existing designs, previously created by reputable manufacture brought us new clients, mostly traders and homeowners that planning to refurbish or upgrade domestic or commercial properties.

IF you require CUSTOME LED lighting design and engineering we are able to provide complete CAD drawing also complete visual representation of the constructed model in 3D drawing. All LED Lighting projects include complete calculations and cost estimate.

If you have any specific requirement about design and engineering of any type LED Light please do not hesitate to contact us as we will provide as best possible service as we can.


Rittch Ltd GU10 4W LED spotlight
(Rittch design) 4W LED HP Light
Rittch Ltd GU10 6W LED Spotlight
(Rittch design) 6W LED HP Light
Best of Rittch Ltd 5.5W LED light
(Rittch design) 6W LED SMD Light
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